VINITÁ USA CO is not your average wine import company. We work in joint venture with VINITÁ ITALIA, the global headquarters for the first ever “Italian Wine Network,” which represents hundreds of large and small winemakers throughout Italy to import, market, and sell in multiple large markets around the world like China, Russia, Brazil, the UK, the Netherlands, and, of course, the United States and Canada. This partnership with the Verona-based headquarters allows us to take advantage of a centralized logistics center in Europe and also to be able to work with those traditional, family-owned wineries who we love and care about and who otherwise would not have access to an international market. Our expertise extends beyond the Italian wine market, however, and we also represent and import a number of labels from Argentina, Chile, France, and Spain.

Because of our company’s unique business model (that includes federal grant funding from the Italian government) and the relationship with our Italian counterparts, VINITÁ USA CO is proud to be able to offer its customers and distributors in the U.S. and Canada extensive marketing, promotional, and post-sales support. By unifying our commercial efforts under one office, we are able to offset these standard inflated product costs for our winemakers and distributors, allowing them more time and resources to do what matters – make and bring quality wines to the public.

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